Our Competence and Accomplishments

Our business operations consulting services focus on manufacturing, specializing in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and turnaround situations. We bring real-life, functional expertise that touches and affects every organizational level, leaving you with an executable plan.

Zoom Executive Business Consultant

Operations & Continuous Improvement

Know which tools and methodology to use for your best results

  • There are many improvement methodologies and programs available to manufacturing companies. ZOOM EBC learns about your unique issues, challenges, employees' skill sets, and resource availability. These key factors are used to deliver a path forward that your company can successfully implement.


Engage your largest asset, your people

  • Leading from a position of strength, focus, and results, ZOOM EBC demonstrates a talent for transitioning organizational cultures into highly productive operations by driving continuous improvement and using a basic communication structure.


Your toughest, most complex problems will be resolved with an executable strategy

  • Manufacturing companies must comprehend the global premise of growing marketplaces and customers' demands, with an essential link to manufacturing improvement methodologies that help firms achieve economic success. Enterprises should be aware of the current global marketplace practices that necessitate becoming more aggressive toward improving quality specifications and decreased actionable times. We believe today's business organizations need the strength of comprehensive strategic planning


Manufacturing costs come from every aspect of making the product

  • Business analysts will tell you those traditional cost-cutting measures, such as manpower reductions, waste elimination, and higher productivity, will result in an improved bottom line. We here at ZOOM EBC believe it is not that simple. There is so much more to focus on besides the business analytical tools when trying to achieve your organization's goals.


Identify the real issues, then get the fast, tangible results needed that are sustainable over time

  • Turnaround scenarios need to be resolved quickly and concisely. ZOOM EBC brings the experience and knowledge of how to identify the real issues, then creates a clear plan that can be executed by the organization's specific skill set and resource base.